Are pills effective for treating Gynecomastia?

This is a question that arises from many men suffering from gynecomastia condition around the world. Breast reduction pills and surgery are the main treatments options in order to permanently avoid large breasts in men. Therefore choosing the right treatment option has been a great challenge as far as the effectiveness of the pills and surgery cost is concerned.

Man breast reduction pills

Having enlarged breast doesn’t present any serious risks in men, only if there is a tumor- related thing underneath. Breast reduction pills are social and psychological since as man, going for sex change, you shouldn’t have enlarged breasts for the purpose of sense of manliness and self-confidence.

Breast reduction pills, are effective only under certain circumstances. First, pills are ideal for men who are looking an alternative treatment option apart from surgery. For this case, you administer pills to treat the enlarged breasts. Pills are effective for those who are want to control calorie intake and be physically active, carry out chest exercises to accelerate fat burning.

Pills are also ideal for those who cannot take time off from the work and cannot afford to access customized and personalized surgical breast reduction treatment. They are recommended for individuals who have difficulty in getting insurance cover for surgery treatment option but still need to be treated from gynecomastia.

Some the man breasts reduction pills have an average of 99% success rate towards the treatment of gynecomastia. For instance, Gynexin and Gynectrol are pills effective pills manufactured to treat the condition. Gynexin pills assist in reducing both the size and the number of the fat cells present in the breasts tissue. By applying two doses of these pills every day, you experienced contraction of torso within three weeks.

Pills are not effective for men who are looking for an immediate change like an upcoming wedding in the following week. This is because it takes several weeks to fully experience reduced breasts when you opt for pills treatment. They are also not ideal for those who are looking for personalized or custom reduction treatment, i.e. need breast reduction that is sculpted or contoured like the type done on celebrities.

According to medics, surgical treatment is the main option for treating gynecomastia since the effectiveness of breast reduction pills have not extensively proven. However, selecting the best surgical doctor is important. Most pills only targets the fats tissues in the chest but have minimal effect on the breast tissues that is usually in excess for those suffering from gynecomastia. Therefore most of the men having excess adipose tissues will have improvement from these pills but cannot completely cured from glandular gynecomastia.

Most of these pills cause problems in the body, according to doctors. Currently there are no FDA-approved medication to treat gynecomastia. Pills are not effectively recommended to apply as the possibility of the recurrence of the condition in future is high. For very effective treatment, patients need to consult the endocrinologist and have a comprehensive medical evaluation. A board-certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. Different manufactures uses different ingredients leading varying efficacy of these pills products. The results after usage therefore vary with patients making it ineffective.

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