Treatment Over Cure: Four Things You Need To Know About Vitiligo

Vitiligo, also known as leukoderma is a disease that affects the pigmentation of the skin. Scientists as well as doctors have been working in this affliction for decades on end and yet, very little has been resolved on an actual cure for the disease. Despite the fact that a vitiligo cure has not been discovered yet, this disease can be controlled using certain methods in order to make it easier to deal with.

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Vitiligo explained

Vitiligo is an end product of certain three major factors in a person’s life. The extremity of these matters as well as how the the affected person lived their lives can have a bearing on how they contract the disease as well as their chances of recovering.

These three factors are genetics, environment and lifestyle. You see, vitiligo is an autoimmune disease and an imbalance manifests itself as dying cells causing alterations in the skin pigmentation. The moment the cells begin to die, the melanin on that area is lost causing lighter patches of the skin. Presently, doctors have not been able to come up with a cure for vitiligo or even medications that could reverse the process.

Vitiligo could strike at any time and without any warning and one can get the disease without any symptoms as long as the factors step out of balance.

Autoimmunity explained

The human immune system is complex and the moment something goes out of the synchronization, conditions could arise and they could be suitable to vitiligo. The first thing you can do is get checked by a local physician because the chances are that to have an ailment you are not aware of and the problem is that it could pave way for vitiligo. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, you should look to halt or slow down the effects of the ailment since there is no cure. You can do this through the environment and your diet. You can do very little about genetics because if there is traces of the diseases in your family, you will probably be predisposed to infection in the future.


It has already been proven that a poor diet or one that lacks major vitamins and certain proteins can leave the immune system weak and unable to protect one from viruses and allergies. You should have a balanced diet including vegetables, meats as well as fruits. Fresh veggies and fruits are especially necessary because they have the right antioxidants since they protect the molecules in the skin from decaying and prevent their death.


Stress is a major factor in vitiligo so you need to start leading a healthier lifestyle. Remove unnecessary stress from your life, accept the condition and learn the best ways to live with it.

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